Laptop Charger Convert To Variable LM2596 DC-DC Step-Down(2v-19v) Power Supply

In this video how to laptop charger adaptor convert to into variable LM2596 DC-DC step down(2v-35v) power supply making
Download Circuit diagram and detail –
the component is using
1) LM2596 dc-dc buck converter step down module
2) laptop charger
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LM2596 dc-dc buck converter step down module =
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MT3608 2A dc-dc Step Up Boost Power Module =
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How to check ups board battery charging ampere limit variable

is video mein main ap ko batao ga k ap apne ups k borad k charging ampere variable ko kis tara check kar sakte ho
is video ko dekho aur apne ups ke ampere variabale ko check karo


Fix for variable voltage vape pen Vertex 350VV or similar

*Please see my follow up video ‘The REAL problem with variable voltage vape pen Vertex 350VV or similar’*
Tired of these variable voltage vape pens that stop working after a week or two? Well here’s the fix. Turns out that a wire connection in the charger was only twisted together in many of them- a little solder will fix it right up. This video shows the Vertex 350VV.
Update: Many of these also don’t work because of a defective circuit in the pen. There’s no fix for that. I would recommend buying a higher quality unit such as the Cuboid Mini. But if you really need one of these, buy two!


Battery Charging DC Generator – Variable Speed – Gasoline

This is a 48Vdc battery charging DC generator. The engine is a Honda 8 HP. The alternator is a 24 pole permanent magnet generator. The engine speed is electronically controlled to vary the speed to regulate the DC voltage and current limit the output to 75A. The generator can supply 4200 Watts of charging. I have it connected to a load bank and a 48Vdc, 200 A/hr battery string.


Variable Capacitive Battery Charger & Desulfator, 19Dec2016

This is a mid-high Voltage Device. Use, Copy, Share, & Modify at your own risk. I will not be responsible for your actions.

This charger uses only 3 main components namely; Bridge Rectifier, AC Capacitor, and Timer Switch. Optional component like Voltmeter and Ammeter can be added later. This is a Capacitive type charger which is different from a conventional Inductive type battery charger that uses step down transformer and requires switch to select the desired voltage.

I made this battery charger after seeing a video on YouTube. Also I need a car battery charger because I have now a couple of old batteries that needs charging and desulfation.

I only intend to use this battery charger for my car battery and Deep Cycle batteries for my off-grid solar system. Both batteries are flooded type. I also plan to upgrade my solar system by adding more batteries thus, I need a backup battery charger that can desulfate.

Others claim that using this kind of charger they can charge almost any type of battery from flooded, GEL, Lithium, and many more. Perhaps I will check that out later.

The Variable here means that you can charge batteries from as low as 6Vdc to as high as 150Vdc without any adjustments on the device. Just connect the battery that needs to be charge and the device will automatically adjust on the voltage of the battery.

The Desulfator here is the effect of the Pulsating DC Voltage in the output.