Victron Multiplus ii inverter charger power assist Previously called the MultiGrid-II the Victron Multiplus ii inverter charger


DIY VE Direct cable for Victron Chargers and how to install it on different machines and OS

DIY VE Direct cable for Victron Bluesolar chargers and devices, how to install it on different machines and OS , even Android. Using Victron Connect on my phone to control a Victron solar charge controller.


First test of the bluetooth Victron Blue Smart IP22 20 amp charger

This charger can charge 3 car batteries at once, and you can controll it with your phone over bluetooth. I will install it in my Vanagon later this spring. So stay tune and subcribe 🙂
You can buy it here:
US: ????


100w Flexible solar panel installation on Boat with Victron MPPT charger

In this Video I show at test run a Victron MPPT controller with a 100W Allpowers flexible solar panel I purchased on Amazon. I mounted the controller and DC sub panel on starboard so I can easily move it around the Catalina 320 sailboat. The charger sub panel I made from Starboard 1/2 inch. The Sub panel was later mounted inside the port locker next to the shore battery charger where the solar charger and the battery charger shared the connection to the battery from the locker.

Parts List:
Victron BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT Charge Controller – 15 Amps / 75 Volts
Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle
ALLPOWERS 100W 18V 12V Flexible Solar Panel Charger(with ETFE Layer, MC4 connectors) Semi Bendable Water-Resistant Solar
Blue Sea Systems ST Blade ATO/ATC Fuse Blocks


RV Solar Upgrade Part 2: Victron Battery Monitor & 3000 Watt Inverter/Charger

In Part 2 of this series, we show the installation of the Victron BMV-712 & the 3000 Watt Inverter/Charger. We also show the programming of the components using the Victron computer applications. Thanks to Battle Born Batteries for the terrific customer service! They were more than willing to provide technical assistance with this project and always responded to my questions quickly!

Battle Born Batteries:

Music: “Club” by Andrew Huang,







EPIC 24v RV Solar Upgrade with Battle Born Batteries & Victron Energy

We begin an EPIC 24-volt RV power system upgrade while boondocking in the mountains of Colorado in our Class A motorhome in Part 1 of this RV Solar Upgrade video series. Every single component of our existing solar system is swapped out for new. Goodbye AGM batteries and Magnum equipment and hello Battle Born Lithium Batteries and Victron Energy Inverters and Solar Chargers. All in all when complete we will have 2000w of panels on the roof with 10 HighTec 200w solar panels, 10 Battle Born 24v Lithium Batteries, 2 3000w Victron inverters, a Victron Energy solar controller and a 24 to 12v dc/dc converter. (Season 3 Episode 33)

We are proud to partner with Battle Born Batteries thru Epic Nomad TV and RV Nomads the movie. We look forward to sharing our monster 24v Battle Born battery story. Disclosure… we are a paying customer with a reviewing relationship with Battle Born Batteries.

To see a complete parts list, wiring guide and links to purchase your own DIY solar project visit our PHT Solar Guide at

Battle Born Batteries Epic Nomad Edition can also be found at


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Filmed: June 9, 2018
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Solar System: (10) 200w HighTec Solar Panels. (10) 24v Lithium batteries by Battle Born Batteries totaling 500 usable amp hours. Inverters, Solar Controller and DC/DC Converter by Victron Energy.
Installed by Gary Quimby as a DIY project.

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Blue Smart IP65 Charger – Professional battery charger | Victron Energy

In this video we introduce our new Blue Smart IP65 Charger, with built in Bluetooth. This enables you to see the information from your charger on your smartphone, using the VictronConnect app.
Visit the product page on our website for more information:


Welcome to this video showing our new Blue Smart IP65 Charger.

The Blue Smart IP65 Charger range are professional battery chargers that are perfect for workshops, caravans, RVs, boats, cars and motorcycles. The one we have here is the 12 Volt 10 Amp version.
There are clamps and eyelet connectors included with the Blue Smart Charger. The Blue Smart Charger has many features, such as:
– Built-in Bluetooth, I will show this to you in a minute
– Recovery of fully discharged ‘dead’ batteries
– Power supply function
– Ultra high efficiency
– Reverse polarity protected
– Li-ion battery mode
– Battery life enhancing features
What is so special about the Blue Smart Charger is that it has Bluetooth built in. This enables you to see the information from your charger on your smartphone, using the VictronConnect app.
I will show you how to connect the Blue Smart Charger to you smartphone.

1: Download VictronConnect
The Blue Smart IP65 Charger works together with the VictronConnect app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. We will use an iPhone in this video.
Go to the App store and search for ‘VictronConnect’. Click on download.

2: Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone
Then go to settings on the iPhone, click on Bluetooth and then switch it on.

3. Connect the charger to the battery.
Connect first the red clamp to the plus pole of the battery, then the black clamp to the minus pole of the battery.

4. Insert the plug into the wall socket.
The TEST LED will indicate that the mains cable is connected to the wall socket. All charge status LEDs will flash in case of reverse polarity connection, short-circuit or if a 12V charger is connected to a 24V battery.

5: VictronConnect app
Open the VictronConnect app. You will now see a screen with the title “Discovery”. Pull down the screen to scan for devices.
The Blue Smart charger will appear in the Discovery screen.

6: Fill in the pin code
Click on the connected device. You will see “connecting” on the screen. Then the message “bluetooth-pairing request” appears and you need to fill in a pin code. The default pin code is 6 times zero. (000000).
7: View Blue Smart Charger information
You are now able to change settings of your Blue Smart Charger on your smartphone. The startup screen looks like this:
If you click on the Mode button on your smartphone, you can choose the mode of the charger.
When you have changed something in the VictronConnect app, you will immediately see the same changes on your Blue Smart Charger. It works vice versa too so if you change the mode by pressing the mode button on your Blue Smart Charger, the screen in the VictronConnect app will apply the same settings.

Now let’s check-out the different modes of the charger.
Normal: this is the standard charging mode, most of the time this mode will be used to charge your battery. This mode is recommended for regular batteries, such as car batteries.

Normal + Recondition: when you use a battery intensively, this mode can be used once in a while to give your battery a boost. This can extend the lifetime of your battery. It is not recommended to use this mode too often because that will decrease the lifetime of your battery. Please see chapter 2.8 in the manual for more information about the reconditioning mode.

High: This mode is specifically if you want to minimize the charge time or for certain batteries which are harder to charge such as calcium batteries.

High + Recondition: This is a combination of the High mode and the Recondition mode.

Li-ion: When charging a Lithium-ion battery, the Blue Smart Charger uses a specific charging algorithm for Lithium-ion batteries, to ensure optimum performance and safe charging.

Charge current
In the VictronConnect app you can also change the charge current. With the 10A charger you can change the charge current from 10A, which is the normal current mode, to 3A, which is the low current mode, by pressing the button below ‘charge current’ in the app.

Thank you for watching this video!

For more information please visit the Blue Smart IP65 Charger product page:

Movie made by Shoottherabbit: