12 volt Battery charger kit

This is home made 12 volt battery charger kit. it can also use for solar charger system
if you want PCB and circuit diagram, please comment.


Eu1000 12 volt battery charging how too

This is a video on charging a 12 volt battery with a eu1000 or eu2000 or eu3000


DIY 12 volt solar battery charger

In this video I show you how to connect a 10 watt 12 volt solar panel to a solar charge controller then to a 12 volt battery. Below are the links to the products I used.

Solar panel link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/10W-PEIMAR-SYNTHESIS-12V-Poly-Crystalline-Solar-Panel-10-Watt-Off-Grid-RV-Marine-/271997276919?hash=item3f544d12f7:g:xzMAAOSwiLdWBchv

Battery tender link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Battery-Tender-Solar-Charger-Controller-021-1162-/321887334904?epid=171154981&hash=item4af1faf1f8:g:dbIAAOSwHsRYD-Xh&vxp=mtr

The wire is a 16-2 direct burial speaker wire bought at Home depot sold by the foot.

The metal pole was bought at Home depot in the fencing department: http://www.homedepot.com/p/YARDGARD-2-19-50-in-x-2-19-50-in-x-8-ft-Galvanized-Metal-Fence-Corner-Post-328944DPT/100322502

The mounting angle bracket I bought at Home Depot: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-1-2-in-x-14-Gauge-x-36-in-Zinc-Plated-Slotted-Angle-802407/204225759

Battery claps at Home Depot: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Gardner-Bender-30-Amp-Battery-Clamps-2-Pack-14-630/202521489


How to Make 6 volt and 12 volt Battery charger ? Transformer Use

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1. Old Tv Transformer (Rs Last Price 150)
2. Diode V78 HER305 (Rs 5)
3. Wire Black and Red (Rs10)
4. Climp + – (Rs15)
5. Wire Jointer (Rs10)
6. Plag Male (Rs10)
Total Mmount Rs 200 Complet
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How to make Battery Best Charger 12 volt, 6 volt

Transformer Battery charger
How to Make 6 volt and 12 volt Battery charger

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How to make 4 volt battery charger (HOME MADE) || TECHNICAL PARTH BHAI

comedy video http://4funindia.com/u/7198280


Lead acid car battery charger with automatic switch off between 13 and 14,5 volt (schematic)

Sorry: the video stops suddenly due to a low camera battery, but everything was told so far.

Schematic & demo of a lead-acid car battery charger that automatic switches off on the following battery voltages (set with a 3 pole switch): 13,23 Volt / 14,18 Volt / 14,50 Volt. That switch-off voltage depends also on the (use) of a diode to the battery. But surely a safe switch-off voltage can be set, e.g. in the middle position of the switch. After testing with the “computer diode” (barrier voltage 0,6 Volt) the circuit did not want to switch off at the highest voltage (14,5 V). Anyway: it switched off properly at the middle voltage (middle switch position, 14,2 V).

It is not a beginners circuit because you can damage your car battery when you let it switch off on a too high voltage and the aligning to the different voltages must be watched carefully and takes time.

Plus the fact that the resistors that decide about the switch-off are in the (very) low resistance range. So it could be that you must experiment with resistors in the 5-20 Ohm range to precisely get your switch-off moment with lead-acid batteries with slightly different properties, compared to the ones that I used.

By the way: I used 2 different lead-acid car batteries (40 Ah and 75 Ah – 12 Volt) during my experiments and all worked fine, so too much worries are not necessary.

You could get e.g. an old 12 V car battery for free in the dump and do your experiments in the precise aligning process. Of course that battery must be a little bit healthy, with a “dead” lead acid battery it is not possible to align everything properly.

The basic alignment can, by the way, be done without a lead-acid battery connected to the circuit. It can be done by connecting a + voltage (opposite to ground, minus) to the sense-line and very very slowly adding voltages via a separate power supply between 12 V and 15 Volt.

At the same time: connect a Voltmeter with 2 digits behind the comma (so 1/100 Volt) to the sense line (+ opposite to ground, minus) see and align when the Schmitt trigger switches off. When all is OK you will see that the Schmitt Trigger switches on very precise (1/100) voltages in this range (12-15 Volt) and this depends on the setting of the 470 K potentiomer.

Align that 470 K potentiometer carefully (going out off the middle position, slightly up or down) till you find the right 3 voltages where the charger switches off.

By the way: it is not difficult. The circuit works very properly and was thorough tested during the development the past weeks.

Be careful with 110 V or 230 V AC, it can be lethal. Make it impossible that you, during experiments, can touch a 110 V or 230 V wire by isolating all these wires properly with good quality PVC tape (preferred Coroplast tape) and/or blank silicon kit. Use tiewraps to fasten PVC tape isolations, it can slide off.
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Important: you can omit (bridge) the diode to the battery. It will switch off more easily, because the diode gives a voltage drop.
The problem could be that the “charge” led keeps lighting up when the circuit has already switched off.
(“from” = “of”, sorry Dutch way of saying)


home made 3.7 volt 18650 battery chargers.. are they safe ?…..or Dangerous ????…..

Home made 3.7 volts 18650 battery chargers .. are they safe ? ….. or dangerous ?….
I just discussed this topic in this video … and gave the best solution about how to charge a 3.7-volt battery or 18650 battery
and also discussed about how to use that charger..

safest charger- https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.in%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263060933004

insta id- https://www.instagram.com/subham_kabiraj/

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The Volt Power Wallet – 4000mAh Battery Charging Wallet

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LESTER-MATIC 36 volt golf cart battery charger

LESTER-MATIC 36 volt golf cart battery charger. Power up and outputdemo


Ghar par banaye 4 volt battery charger

Hai friends aaj main aapko batane wala hu Ki hum kaise 4 volt ka charger banate hai.mai aapko battery charge kar ke bhi dikaunga .please subscribe