How To Make 12-0-12 Volt Transformer With Dual Function Battery Charger And Inverter. YT-49

How To Make 12-0-12 Volt Transformer With Dual Function Battery Charger And Inverter.


How to Charge 12 volt Bike Battery with 5 volt Mobile Phone Charger

how to charge 12 volt bike battery with 5 volt mobile phone charger /adjustable power supply /

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1) 5v mobile phone charger

2) voltage boost converter module


How to make 12 volt battery charger at home in only 40 ₹.

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In this video ,
Is video me maine bataya hai ki sirf diods ke madad se aap kaise 12 volt ka battery charger bana sakate hai .
Aapako iske liye ” 6A4 ” ke 4 diod chahiye honge aap ise market se bhi kharid sakate hai 1 diod lagbhag 10 rupaye me milega.
Sabase pahale aap jaise maine video me bataya hai vaise do diods ko series me jod dijiye ek diod ke plus ( + )point ko dusare diod ke minus ( – )point se jod dijiye aise hi dusare do diods ko bhi jod do .
Aur bad me un series me jode huye do diods ko parallel jod do pahale series jodi ke plus (+ ) ko dusare series ke plus se aur minus (– ) ko minus se jod do .
Aur aakhir mai jaise maine video mai bataya hai vaise transformer ke wire ko jo apana AC input hoga use series connection me jod dena hai aur jo DC output ke wire honge us ke plus ( + ) wire ko diods ke parallel connection ka minus ( – ) side hai vaha jod dena hai aur minus ( – ) wire ko diods ke parallel connection me jo plus ( + ) side hai vaha par jodana hai .yaha se milega hame 12 volt ka output.
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24 Volt lead acid battery charger: cooling and ventilation of the electronics is essential

24 Volt lead acid battery charger, final video.

Cooling and (could be forced) ventilation is essential to make the charger work for decades, apart from over-dimensioning the components (rectifier, transistors, capacitors, heatsinks, etc).

NOT suitable to charge Lithium cells of whatever kind, risk of explosion and fire (!) Serious warning.

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The video shows how ventilation can be done. Also fine mesh (nylon, metal, whatever) is necessary to make the charger work in tropical or other “worse” conditions: all well laquered components, measures against insects, moisture, dirt, dust, etc.

All these bad influences have to be repelled and kept out of the electronics by proper varnishing of the components and good/special construction methods.

In the past (1950’s-1970’s) Philips Netherlands made radio’s that were specially made for tropical conditions. When you opened such a radio you could find a sticker with the word “tropicalized”.

Had to do with export of radio’s to our Dutch oversees colonies: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, etc. These “colonies” became independent states in the early 1960’s, due to the UN decisions.

Keeping insects out can be done with a type of mesh (nylon, metal, whatever) that is able to prevent them creeping into, so small diameters.

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Be aware of that, I saw on the internet my circuits reproduced in a poor or even not proper way. I can not help that, sorry. Upload 2 June 2019.


Transformer Make a 12 volt 24 volt battery charger or power suply in Hindi #tranformer

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How To Make Perfect 6 Volt Battery Charger Using 12 Volt Transformer || Step By Step

In this video, I’m making a 6 volt battery charger using 12 volt transformer. There are some tricks to make this circuit. All of my parts I bought from

In this video, I’m explaining about How to use this kind of electronics component and how to make a safe 6 volt battery charger at home using 12 volt transformer.

To make this circuit we might need some electronics component, otherwise we can’t make this circuit. The component list have to been given below .

Electronics Component List :
1. Battery – 6 Volt

2. Transformer – 12 Volt (1 amp)

3. Capacitor : 1000uf/ 16 Volt

4. Diode – 1N4007 (2 Pieces) –

5. Resistor – 1 K ohm

6. Led – Blue –

7. Voltage Regulating IC – 7805 –

8. Connection Wire

9. Heat Sink




120 VOLT BATTERY PACK!? Powering Speakers w/ EXO's Q100 Power Bank | AC Outlet on Portable Charger?

Can this portable power bank really deliver power to your 120 volt accessories? Well, let’s put it to the test… BASSHEAD STYLE! Today we’ve got this handy Q100 from our friends at DBPOWER, and we’ll be testing it on my VERY 1st set of subwoofer desktop speakers I got at 9 years old. And of course, we’ll be attempting to WALL SOCKET some junk speaker drivers at the end 😀 Thanks For Watching!

Check Out This Battery Bank!

Music By: AudioBlocks
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Bassheads Unite 2017


Emergency Mobile Phone Charger Using 9 Volt Battery

In this video I have shown how can you make a 24v to12v mobile charger at home very easy. I have used ic lm7805 and two capacitors for this charger. It is Fast mobile charger.


Must See Review! Trickle Charger for Car Battery Maintainer – 12 volt Batteries Chargers Automoti.. – Trickle Charger for Car Battery Maintainer – 12 volt Batteries Chargers Automotive Motorcycle Lawn Mower Marine Boat ATV RV 12v Float Automatic Auto Maintainer Maintenance Smart Charge Car Accessories
VOLTAGE: Input 120VAC / 60HZ – Output 12VDC / 750MA CHARGE & MAINTAIN: Works with all 12 volt lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM). Perfect for your scooter, ATV, Jet Ski, snowmobile, motorcycle, lawn mower, and car. Once plugged in, the battery maintainer and float charger will manage your battery’s health on its own, making it ideal for vehicles that are kept in storage for months at a time COLOR INDICATION: Features solid & blinking lights in both red and green to indicate when the battery is charging, fully charged, and when its status is being monitored. If the batteries voltage drops, the charger will automatically kick in to restore the battery to full power. The charging program utilizes Initialization, bulk charge, and float mode to optimize the battery power without overcharging and draining the battery. FEATURES: One (1) 12V battery maintainer and float charger, two (2) inline fused alligator clips, one (1) inline fused ring terminal harness, 12-foot charging cable, and a spark-proof connection. GUARANTEE: Includes a one (1) year limited warranty.


Chevy Volt Level 1 to Level 2 Charger conversion

The clipper creek stock charger that ships with popular EVs is actually a level 2 capable unit. Here’s how to unlock faster charging.