Old Lucas Mechanical Voltage Regulator – For Old Tractor Dynamo Battery Charging

I found this with a bunch of old tractor bits in my grandmas woods when I was hunting! It looked like a 4 cylinder diesel tractor. This would have regulated the voltage coming from the dynamo. This tractor was probably made before 1960 because around the 1960’s they stopped using dynamos in cars and started using alternators. So this regulator is at least 50 years old.

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Industrial battery charger by Thyristor Firing Angle Control | Electrical Projects

This project is about powering of high volts DC battery using this Industrial battery charger which converts given AC supply to DC using the TRAIC and Op-Amp.


12v Homemade Battery Charger (150amp)

My old stick welder turned into a battery charger , I said in the video that the voltage doesn’t change when I increase the input, I found that it does when dialled up.