How to make a 9v battery charger or voltage regulator.


Something New – Voltage Battery Chargers


Manual 12v battery charger 10A kay voltage zyada karne ka tarika | 14.5 volts Modification

12 volts 10 Ampere Manual battery charger/power supply kay voltage zyada karne ka tarika sikhe.

Will do some other modifications too.

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Electrical Shock Warning:
Note that working with equipment that has the mains voltage or high voltage carriers a significant risk of electrical shock. You can seriously hurt yourself if you are not careful and don’t know what you are doing. In worst case, you can receive a shock that can be fatal. So please be careful when doing this kind of repairs/medications.


LiPo battery can't be charged/discharged (Over Voltage)

Battery chargers used:
– HTRC C240 Duo charger
– EV-Peak


How to Determine Your Golf Cart Battery Voltage FAQ

Barry at DIY Golf Cart shows us how to easily identify the voltage on most 36 and 48 volt golf carts.

Having trouble with your golf cart batteries? You may need a new charger.

See our complete line of MODZ Max golf cart battery chargers at:


ഏത് voltage ബാറ്ററി ചാർജറും ഉണ്ടാക്കാം to make regulated battery charger

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How to check battery charger voltage and cigarette lighter socket


Testing AC Voltage on a Battery Charger

Testing AC Voltage On a Battery Charger


24 voltage battery charger repair

आउनुहोस 24 V. को चार्जर repair गर्न सिकौ!


Should You Buy a Boat Lifepo4 Battery Charger without a Separate Battery Voltage Sense Input Wire?

What is a battery voltage sensing wire on a Sterling and Balmar MC-614 Voltage regulator? Why is battery charger voltage sensing important? What size wire did I use for my voltage sense input to the charger? What happens when loads are on the voltage sense wire? What was my charger wiring error?
I did some testing using my bench power supply so I could learn why voltage sense input to chargers is so important. Both my Balmar 614 voltage regulator and my Sterling BB1260 Pro Batt Ultra battery charger have a separate battery sense wire. I was going to have a performance issue with the Sterling Pro Batt Ultra Charger because I had not wired my Balmar 614 regulator voltage sense wire directly to the battery bank it was charging. Rod at has mentioned the separate charge sense wire a number of times and I found I had made the same error many people make. This error get compounded when you are asking your alternator to charge an additional set of batteries.
Read this detailed article a before you spend $1 or Lifepo4. Rod from . Best article on the internet about Lifepo4.

LiFePO4 Batteries On Boats

Please support by purchasing the charger here. This is where I got my charger and all the info to do my project.
Here is the timer module info but remember it needs to have P5 voltage mode!. See Robojax youtube link below for detailed configuration instructions.
You may want to take a look at these videos also if you want to know more about Lifepo4 batteries on boats.
Cheap Smart Smart BMS for Lifepo4 on Sailboat
Will is pretty inventive but you need to read the article by Rod first. How to build batteries.