ADATA Elite CE700 Wireless Charger, PV100 and PC500 Portable Battery | JayzTwoCents

ADATA Shows us their Brand New Wireless Charging Stand, the Elite CE700! We also take a look at their portable charging solutions, the PV100 and the PC500 portable batteries!
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ADATA Elite CE700 Wireless Charger, PV100 and PC500 Portable Battery | JayzTwoCents



The ‘AirPower’ Wireless Charging Mat…from China

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat has taken almost a year to get here. So the Chinese beat them to it with their Mini Airpower Wireless Charger knockoff that I bought off Amazon. Let’s see how it does.

Here’s the product link:

Compatible with: Apple watch series 3/series 2(Note: can not suit for Apple watch series 1), iPhone X, iPhone 8 /8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 /S8 Plus /S7 /S7 edge /S6 edge+ /Note 8 /Note 5, Nexus 5/6/7, and other qi-enabled devices

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Nimble stands out for the construction of batteries and wireless chargers with ecological products.

Nimble stands out for the construction of batteries and wireless chargers with ecological products.

Nimble is starting with two categories: wireless charging pads and portable battery packs. The products are made of “vegetable bioplastics”, with wireless chargers that use 100% organic hemp and recycled polyester. There is also recycled aluminum involved, without paint or toxic substances, and the products have “natural mineral crystals” mixed with the thermoplastic elastomer TPE, which offers a unique pattern for each device. Even the packaging is made of 100 percent recycled waste paper, and the company said it is completely compostable.

The co-founders of Nimble, Ross Howe, Kevin Malinowski and Jon Bradley, all former executives of Mophie, wanted to introduce a new aesthetic in the category of accessories, with designs that blend with the home and do not look too “technologically”.

“In addition to the best available specifications at this time and the approach considered for the packaging and materials used, and the responsible ethical approach we take, we also focus on sets of unique features, such as small things that other people who make similar products do not They have “” I really thought about that, that adds value for the customer, “said Malinowski, head of brand and marketing at Nimble, to Digital Trends.

The wireless charging pads are wrapped with a 100 percent hemp material that looks elegant, with TPE bases that are quite adherent. They come in carbon black or gray – the last color is what is represented. All of them are compatible with the Qi wireless standard, and come with a USB Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger, as well as a USB-A to USB-C cable.


RAVPower External Battery Charger Review

Here is a video reviewing two portable external battery chargers from RAVPower. One is a 14,000 mAh wired battery pack and one is a 4800 mAh QI compatible wireless charger.

14,000 mAh external charger:

4,800 mAh QI wireless charger:

RAVPower website:

I highly recommend both of these!

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Tesla Designs Wireless Charger

Tesla was briefly selling its own wireless smartphone charger on its online store, but the devices have already sold out. The $65 gadget supported both wireless and wired charging, and could also be used as a portable charging pack. Business Insider gives some of the specs from Tesla’s smartphone charger inlcuding: 5W wireless charging 7W wired charging USB-A or USB-C charging capability 21 hours additional talk time or 18 hours additional web browsing. Also, an internal battery that can be charged with a USB-A cable from any USB port.


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Nimble Wireless Chargers | Fast-Charge for iPhone, Samsung, & more

Nimble’s advanced wireless charging pads conveniently power up your smartphone battery. Our external wraps are made using organic hemp, recycled plastic bottles, plant-based bioplastics, and other sustainable materials. Learn more at


Wireless Charging – What Are the Positives and Negatives

A high quality wireless charger is able to rely on the latest electromagnetic field technology to help with transferring energy to a range of electronic devices, such as the smart phone and hand-held games machines. When you start looking into the availability of the many types of wireless charges, you will find that these are very effective at providing power to a great number of electronic devices in a quick and effective fashion. Here are some of the main positives and negatives that relate to the wireless charging solutions available in the marketplace:

Positives of the wireless charger

Eliminating cords and cables

One of the quality aspects of being able to rely on the many wireless charging stations is the ability to eliminate the issues that relate to many tangled leads and cords. Since a typical household is reasonably to have a great number of electronic devices in need of being charged at some point or another, a wireless charging station is able to accept several different items at once. This is highly beneficial for avoiding individual chargers and multiple plug points. If you are able to set up a dedicated area for the charging mat or platform, this will make it a far-sight easier to charge items when required.

No separate charging adapter

If you are able to rely on the central charging station, it is no longer necessary to worry about lost or damaged adapters or accessories which might be required for the many different items of electronics.

High level of convenience

A further quality aspect of relying on the single wireless charger is that it is so much more convenient to rely on just one charging unit, and not having to rely on multiple charging devices. Rather than needing to locate the individual charger unit, it is possible to just place smart phone or similar electronic device on the mat and it will start to automatically charge.

Among the many positives that relate to the wireless chargers, there are a couple of negative points that might be worth mentioning. One of the first negative aspects to note is the lower charge efficiency noticed with some of these wireless charging units. It is there before highly beneficial to able to get one of the better quality devices to ensure that you are able to easily charge the multiple devices at the same time. Also, since this technology is a lot newer than the normal charges in the market, the cost for the wireless charger is likely to be a lot more.


Everything you need to KNOW about WIRELESS charging on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X

So the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have wireless charging. That’s cool. It’s always nice to see Apple add new features into their iPhone lineup that *might make our lives easier.

I’ve never really been sold on Qi-charging but when Apple announced it for the iPhone 8 and X, I decided to take another look at Qi-charging. So I went and bought a bunch of chargers to answer the following questions:

0:01:30 – What is Qi-wireless charging?
0:04:06 – What’s the maximum charging distance?
0:04:33 – Do I need Qi-wireless charging?
0:06:58 – What’s the difference between the Galaxy S8’s fast wireless charging and the iPhone 8’s?
0:07:47 – What’s the fastest iPhone 8 charger?
0:09:37 – What cases don’t work with Qi-wireless charging?
0:11:49 – Which Qi-wireless charger should I get?

Out of the 8 chargers I bought, my goto charger is the Spigen 3-Core charger. Get it here:

The charger with the biggest charging gap was the Pictek. Get it here:

So I’m going to answer all those questions in the next few minutes. So let’s get started.

The QI-wireless charging is a standard used by most wireless charging devices. There’s another standard called PowerMat that is gaining popularity but Qi is still the standard.

Every Qi-wireless setup looks the same. You have a pad that contains the transmitter coil that is plugged into the wall. Some products look better and feel heavier but Qi chargers can be very simple looking.

For the iPhone 8, all you have to do is put your iPhone over the center of the charging base and walk away. Make sure you put it in the center of the pad or else it won’t work.

When it comes to distance, older chargers theoretically can have a gap of 30mm, newer chargers have a gap of 45 mm. Again, this is theoretical because in our testing, the iPhone 8 reliably charged at a gap of 8mm with some chargers allowing for 11.5mm before the iPhone 8 charged.

Do you need Qi-wireless charging? If you want the full iPhone 8 and X experience, get a Qi charger. My guild lines for qi-charger placement would be anywhere the phone and you spend a lot of time together.

My biggest gripe is the size compared to just a cable. Sure the process is easier to charge your iPhone but now I have to keep the qi-charger area clear. I’m a messy person so this isn’t going to work well for me.

My second gripe is the fact that I can’t use the device when it’s charging. Trying to hold a qi-charging puck while using your iPhone is a bad idea. If you’re gaming on your iPhone 8, there’s a good chance that your battery is going to drain quicker than the charge going into your iPhone from the Qi-charger.

When it comes to speed, I was actually surprised how little difference there was between chargers. Every charger I used charged at the same rate. On average, I would get 8-9% every 30 mins. I tried this with the Belkin BoostUp and Mophie Charging

I also did a speed test against a normal iPhone charger and the difference is very noticeable. In general, don’t use a Qi-charger on the iPhone 8 if you’re in a hurry.

How about the charge speed between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus? Well, on the video, it looks like the iPhone 8 is charging much quicker than the 8 Plus but it also has a smaller battery.

Which cases work with Qi-charging? As I discovered earlier, the threshold is about 8-11mm which is a far cry from the 30mm-45mm but not many cases are going to add 8-11mm of space between the back of your iPhone and the charger.

Even the large cases like the UAG Monarch and X-Doria Defense Lux will allow your iPhone to charge through the case.

You’re going to have a bit more trouble charging your iPhone using odd shaped cases like the Loopy or products like the Ungrip and PopSocket.

The only cases that don’t work with Qi-chargers are ones with magnets. But not all magnetic cases. See the end of video for a list of cases that don’t work.

Which Qi-Charger would I get? Out of all the ones I’ve used so far, I’d get the Spigen Qi-charrger. It comes in three cores so you don’t need to be as careful when placing your iPhone 8 down. It will allow you to charge it both landscape and portrait which is handy.

If you have a thick case like a wallet case, go with the PicTech. Sure it’s light, looks cheap, is cheap and comes in a nondescript brown box.
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Microsoft Patent Filing Hints At Wireless Charging For Future Surface PCs

Microsoft filed for a patent for its battery charging solution with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Digital Trends says Microsoft described smart, multiple battery modules device. The battery management controller will be able to determine the charging configuration signal. And each module can rely on wireless charging.

Microsoft’s charging technique could be used on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or in devices.

It’s unclear if and when Microsoft intends on commercializing its invention.


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Portable Battery chargers for Mobile Devices!

This video is a quick look at two portable battery chargers. The MaxBoost Electron 10K mah and the Aukey 10k mah charger. I got both of them from amazon and they both work well! Check out the video.
Here’s the link at amazon:
MaxBoost Electron 10K mah Portable battery

Aukey 10000mAh Portable Power Bank Charger External Battery Pack with AIPower Tech for iPhone 6S 6S Plus 6 Samsung Galaxy Google Nexus LG and more(5V 2A Input,5V 3.4A Output for Fast Charging)
(it will say 12K mah on Amazon but I have the 10K mah version)