How To Wireless Charging On Any Vivo And Oppo Smartphone

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Wireless Charger
(₹714 Normal )
(₹799 Use In This Video)
(₹699 Best Choice )
(₹999 Very High Quality )

Vivo Top 5 Smartphone Link

Vivo Y69 (₹13,999)
Vivo V5s (₹15,990)
Vivo V5Plus (₹19,990)
Vivo V7Plus Red Limited edition(₹20,990)
Vivo V9 (₹22,990)

Best Earphone Under ₹199
1) Philips SHE1350 –
2) Everycom Bass Boost –
3) SBA Stereo Super Bass Earphones –

Best Earphones Under ₹299
1) Portronics POR-767 –
2) ROYAL Super Bass Headphone –

Best Earphone Under ₹399
1) Philips SHE1405BK/94 In-Ear Headphone –
2) Moyzikh Music Play Sports Earhook Earphones

Best Power Bank U should Buy
1) (Mi ₹799)
2) (Intex ₹499)
3) (Intex ₹230)

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Ubio Labs 2 Pack of Wireless Charging Pads from Costco & Amazon

UbioLabs 2 Pack Wireless Chargers

So a few weeks before Christmas I was doing some Christmas shopping at Costco and came across this two pack of UbioLabs wireless pad cellphone chargers.

I had never had a wireless charger before and finally had a phone new enough to work on one so I decided to pick them up.

Costco typically only gets high quality stuff and has a great return policy so I wasn’t too worried about giving them a try.

Overall these things are great. I loved the price point a lot of companies charge this same price for one pad so I liked that it came as a two pack.

It’s called a speed charger, I will say its not quite as quick as being wired in but it does charge fairly quickly.

As far as the phones it works on you’ll have to check the box or Amazon listings but it does work on a pretty wide variety of phones, most of the Samsungs going back 2-3 generations, however for iPhones its only the more recent iPhones I believe the iPhone 8 and above.

Two other common questions are do these things work with either a PopSocket on your phone or a thicker case. Unfortunately the answer to that is not really. If you have a huge phone you may be able to strategically place your PopSocket in a corner of the phone so it will still charge, however at that point what’s the point of even using a PopSocket if its not in the ideal placement.

As for the thicker cases your phone should charge through most cases the exception might be an otterbox or a thicker 2 or 3 part case with plastic and a silicone layer but with most cases your phone will still charge perfectly fine.


Best selling Wireless chargers collection 2019

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Wireless charger collected


10 Best Wireless Chargers 2019


Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see the most recent updates to the list.

Our complete review, including our selection for the year’s best wireless charger, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki.

Wireless chargers included in this wiki include the tylt vu, ravpower fast charge, samsung ep-pg920, bezalel futura x, belkin boost up bold, fonesalesman qistone+, anker powerport 10, itechshop universal, seneo stand, and mophie wireless pad.

Wireless chargers are also commonly known as wireless phone chargers and wireless charging pads.

Most Recent Picks:


2-in-1 Power Bank + Wireless Charger

Traveling and need to plug up your device(s)? No Worries! Revolutionary Baseus portable power bank technology gives you quick access to power, no matter where you are. With Baseus 2-in-1 Power Bank + Wireless Charger, you can easily charge your cellphones, Fit-bit, Applewatch, headphones, etc….


New Griffin Wireless Chargers & Cables for 2019

Hands on with Griffin’s new wireless chargers and a USB C to Lightning cable. including the PowerBlock Wireless Fast Charging Pad with Apple Watch Dock.


UMIDIGI Q1 15W Wireless Fast Charger – Rs. 2,200 approx

Here is UMIDIGI Q1 15W Wireless Fast Charger, if you have a device that supports fast wireless charging, then you can go ahead with this fast charger.

You can buy from GearBest –
Other fast chargers –

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Wireless chargers for multiple devices | Ventev Mobile

If you love wireless charging, you probably have more than one device. Ventev Mobile has you covered, so you don’t have to pick which gets charged first. Learn more at


Wireless charger India-Portronics Toucharge X POR-897

This is the unboxing and initial review for Portronics Toucharge X POR-897 wirless charger.please like this video, subscribe and hit that bell icon,also thankyou soo much for your love for my previous video #Wirelesscharger #technology


Griffin introduces new wireless chargers including a model that can charge an iPhone and Apple Watch

Griffin introduces new wireless chargers including a model that can charge an iPhone and Apple Watch

Griffin is announcing several wireless chargers at CES, including a model that can simultaneously charge an Apple Watch and an iPhone. The PowerBlock Wireless Fast Charging Pad is a 7.5-watt Qi charger with space for an iPhone on one side and an Apple Watch. in the other one. A separate model will be sold without a place for the Apple Watch, but since AirPower is nowhere to be found, the dual wireless charger is the highlight.

Griffin is introducing two other chargers. The PowerBlock wireless charging stand / platform is a 10-watt Qi device that charges your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation, allowing you to flip it over and turn it into a base. There is also the Reserve Wireless Charge Bank, a 5,000 mAh portable battery that can charge your phone wirelessly. All new wireless chargers will be available in the coming months.