DOCA 10W Fast Wireless Charger

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Qi Wireless Fast Car Charger Phone Mount by ELLESYE Review

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Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount, ELLESYE Car Phone Holder 7.5W Compatible with iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus, 10W with Galaxy Note 9 S9 S9 Plus Note 8 and Qi Enabled Devices 18W Car Charger Included

【FAST WIRELESS CHARGER & CAR PHONE MOUNT】WIRELESS CHARGER and CAR PHONE MOUNT are combined as one. You do not have to worry about that your phone runs out of power while navigating. Power your device on the road without the need of messy cables inside
【COMPATIBLE FOR ALL QI DEVICES】The Wireless Car Charger Mount is suitable for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR,iPhone X iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S9 Plus/S9/ Note 8/S8/ S8 Plus, Nokia Lumia920, Google Nexus 4 and all qi enabled devices. Extensive arms can hold more different-sized phones. The width scales from 2.13inch to 3.86inch. Also accessible for GPS
【FREE ADJUSTMENT & STRONG SUCTION】The Car Phone Holder features a gooseneck design that bends from 2.95”-3.76” and rotates on 225° , so you can adjust the perfect viewing angle as you want. Strong suction ensures steady position. With absolutely no tools required. Not only can you use ELLESYE Car Phone Holder Cradle inside your vehicle, but also in your office, your room, your study or pretty much anywhere.
【ONE-HAND OPERATION】Quick and easy slide-in phone mount allows for a secure hands-free experience. Simply drop your phone inside the phone mount with just one hand. The claw holds your phone tight and protects it from being thrown off or sliding when encounters panic stop and speed bumps.
【18W CAR CHARGER INCLUDED】Comes with a 18W car charger with USB port and USB cable for quick charge.

Why you need a Wireless Car Charger Mount? Lower your head to watch the navigating map is dangerous for driving; make calls or answer phone calls would leads illegal driving; no place to put your phone when you are in a rest and want to watch a film. ELLESYE Wireless Charger Car Phone Holder for car can easily solve these problems for you. Plus, you can also charge your phone while using.

One for All

The Wireless Charger Car Mount can charge many different phone types with only one cable, such as iPhone and Samsung. You do not need to carry messy charging cables. You can adjust freely to accommodate any sized phone.

Better Protect Your Phone

Soft silicone material increase the force of friction that prevents from slipping. Meanwhile, the material would not scratch or damage your phone. Silicone also can avoid wearing and tearing for longer use.

Accommodate Your Phone Size

The phone cradle is entirely adjustable to accommodate any sized phone and to ensure its charging coils will line up perfectly with your smart phone’s to initiate charging. Flexible angle adjustment allows you to get the best viewing angle.


Wireless Phone Charger Works with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Phones – HBorna Review

Here’s a review of a relatively low cost phone charger by HBorna bought from Amazon, to see how convienent wirless charging is compared to regular cable charging whcih we all know is prone to failure of both the cable and the phones charging port. This is the HBorna Wireless Charger, that works for iPhone XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus, Ultra-Slim and Samsung Galaxy Note 9/ S9/S8/S7/S7 Edge/Note 8/5 series of phones, and probably for others that have wireless charging capabilty, the HBorna currently costs £18.99 from Amazon (Direct amazon page

So lets see if it’s time for everyone to go wireless charging.irstly delivery was prompt, came in a small packet posted through my letter box.

The HBorna wireless charger is a small black plate about the thickness of my S7 smartphone, comes with a USB cable that plugs into any USB power port. I put my Samsung S7 onto the plate and it immediately started charging wirelessly.

So it does what it said it would do.

You can buy the HBorna wirless charger on Amazon at the current price of £18.99
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Wireless Phone Charger Works with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Phones – HBorna Review


Apple wireless charging dock

The perfect combination of Apple watches wireless charging Stand and wireless phone charging stand. Wireless charging design perfect for all Qi-enabled devices.
Compared to other chargers, there is no cumbersome cable connection, just put the phone on the wireless charger, the wireless charging pad can charge the phone; subtly hide all the cables.


The Best Wireless Charger For the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max and XR

The link for the wireless charger is

This is the best wireless charger for iPhone. It works with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max and XR… Also works with any phone with Qi wireless charging!

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The Wireless Smartphone Battery! – BUNK! (First Look!)

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This video is a SPONSORED First Look at an upcoming product, which I’m pretty excited to see released.


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Has Samsung Duo wireless charger beaten his Apples competitor?

Will Samsung Duo wireless charger beat Apple’s AirPower wireless chargers to the shelves?

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging pad seems to be late due to technical challenges.

Last year, alongside iPhone X and the new cellular Series 3 Apple Watch, Apple showed off a preview of AirPower: which is an induction charging pad that could charge a new phone, a new watch and a yet-unreleased new charging case for AirPods. But why did Apple demonstrate a product that wasn’t yet ready to ship?

It’s rare for Apple to introduce anything that isn’t ready to sell immediately, or at least within the next few weeks. Notable exceptions was the first Apple TV which debuted a few months before it went on sale, just as Apple was showing off another entirely new product in the original iPhone. And that iPhone didn’t ship for nearly six more months, at the end of June 2007.

Induction charging is somewhat nice to have, but it wasn’t really ready for prime time last year. Apple’s phones a year ago could only initially support very slow 5 watt induction charging which was improved to a slightly less slow 7.5 watt through a subsequent software update.

That is much slower than using a standard iPad charger.

The new fast charging USB-PD feature of last year’s new iPhones is particularly noteworthy for how fast it powers a nearly dead phone to half in 30 minutes, or to a nearly full 85 percent in about 120 minutes. Using induction charging or the slow 5W USB block Apple still ships with its new phones, it takes about 120 minutes just to get to 50 percent. Once you get past 85 percent, the charging speed tapers off across the board.

Apple’s 2017 wireless charging was not really very fast at all, but is potentially convenient if you have a charging pad in your kitchen or at your work desk.

Given that Apple has improved the induction charging speed of its new 2018 iPhone XS and XR models, it’s still possible that Apple is simply waiting to introduce AirPower alongside its new AirPods, to ensure that everyone is excited about the new thing when it’s actually ready to buy. It might also appear further into the future, once induction charging gets to the point where it could replace Lightening altogether, resulting in purely wireless, port-free mobile devices.

Samsung however, has a new wireless charger, and it’s designed to recharge two devices simultaneously.

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Well. The wireless charger announced alongside the new Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Watch, the Samsung Wireless Charging Duo looks set to beat Apple’s long-announced but still unavailable AirPower wireless mat to market.
The whole thing uses the Qi wireless charging standard, so any Qi-compatible device – including an iPhone X – will work.

The charger itself delivers up to 15W, device, and there’s a single power connection on the rear. That 15W isn’t shared, either: each pad gets up to the maximum, individually.

What you might be wondering, of course, is how Samsung can – probably – beat Apple to market with its double charger, while the AirPower pad, announced last year alongside the iPhone X and iPhone 8, is still yet to arrive. The answer looks to be complexity, and just how ambitious a charger each company has tried to make.

The AirPower can not only recharge up to three devices wirelessly, but is designed to do so regardless of where they’re placed on its top surface. In contrast, Samsung has effectively combined two regular chargers side-by-side in a single form-factor. That’s less complex, and has allowed the company to avoid the reported engineering hassles that have apparently been troubling Apple’s AirPower team.

According to a leak back in June concerning Apple , several technical issues had been giving the Cupertino firm more than the expected number of headaches. For a start, the position-agnostic design meant that AirPower needs multiple coils. These generate a fair amount of heat too, which needs to be dissipated somehow. Meanwhile, the complexity of the charger means it actually has its own custom iOS-based brain, designed to manage the charging process.

Samsung’s strategy may not be as elegant, but it’s definitely easier. The whispers suggest Apple AirPower would go on sale by September, though Apple itself declined to comment. As for the Samsung Wireless Charging Duo, all we’re yet to have confirmed is price.

The updated Samsung Wireless Charging Duo is priced at about $119.

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How to Make Wireless Charger

i am show about wireless charger with using 3dd207 transistor. the electrical energy send electric charge with wireless. with adsorb energy in copper wire.

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WIRELESS CHARGING – the magical way to charge your phone | తెలుగు లో | Battery Series

We use many cables to charge our devices like phone, laptops and tables. As we keep using the chargers, the connectors are also fragile. Wireless charging is a magical way of charging your phone. In this video, we will see what wireless charging is and how does it work


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Testing IKEA’s Qi wireless charger with iPhone 8 Plus & Apple Watch Series 3

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