Fear Has Taken Control of the World Order

It is now more evident than ever that most people are for the most completely ignorant and babies when it comes to understanding what life is about. While blame is cast on politicians and governments it is humanity that has bought the world to this end. Mobs charging like animals are everywhere, murder and mayhem is engulfing countries, the economy is tethering on a precipice, and we are running out of room to accommodate the masses.

The warnings about this time were written in that prophecies that people ignore and have little to no interest in. Is not it time they did? Prophecies such as this:

"Behold, ye trust in lying word that can not profit. Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and inc incense unto Baal (Jesus Christ), and walk after other gods whom ye know not; And come and stand before me … and say, Are we delivered to do all these abominations? " Jeremiah 7: 8-10

Can we not use these words to what is happening today? How are supporters of the President of the USA soaking up is lies and making excuses? This is exactly as they feed on other lies, such as that Jesus Christ is real, or that heaven and hell exist, among the hundreds of other things.

Jesus Christ was an invention by Constantine, a Roman General who murdered millions either at his hands or through the Catholic Church and his off springs that he established in 325 AD. He was worse than Hitler but he declared a saint because of his actions.

"Is this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes?" ibid: 11.

The Catholic Church is the richest organization on earth. It wrote the New Testament through Jerome. He welcomed the format for the establishment from the Islamic Imperial Roman Religion of Babylon. Every daughter branch of it copied his work and none have expected to it.

Nothing matters to the majority except money. Constantine established the economic system by which the World Order is run. He used the Vatican, which he built, as a parliament to control his empire in the absence of local law enforcers. The bishops became his police and he saved them the power over life and death.

Torture, enslavement, murder, even genocide, were all sanctioned by his cohorts. If people did not fall into line they were brutally deal with. Nothing has changed and the system manipulates the laws to cover the myths and lies. When someone proves it wrong they are removed. Without the right or power to change anything, most individuals believe what they hear out of fear as they fear not to believe.

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Cheap iPad Deals – Electronic Wonder of the World

Apple is always known for its distinguished class and the highly intelligent gadgets launched by them, be it iPod, Mac, iPhone or iPads.

Apple iPad was one of the most anticipated hi-tech electronic gadgets. And following the trend of other Apple products, iPad has also created a revolution in the market.

Apple iPad, which is fundamentally a tablet PC, with its powerful and dependable 1 GHz Apple A4 processor and iPhone Operating system 3.2, it is strong enough to replace a normal computer. Its display munificent at 9.7 inch and is a highly attractive capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The clarity and definition of videos and pictures in this resolution will be simply marvelous and breathtaking. This sleek design cheap ipad is amazingly slim and hence is easy to carry around. According to the storage space, three different types of iPads have been released so far with memories of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. With such an over – generous memory, the absence of memory card slots for external memory is not even felt. The battery back up is the most astonishing feature of this wonder device as it can last up to while surfing the net. With bluetooth and Wi-fi enabled, internet connectivity would be an experience like you never had before. Variants of this device are available in 3 G also. Sending and receiving the emails is also made simple and fast.

You can accessorize yourself with this amazing gadget at real affordable prices with the deals of Three, Vodafone, Orange, and O2 network providers. With the iPad contract deals of almost all the networks, you can also win exciting offers and free gifts. Different bonuses are also provided along with these deals for the customers like free data usage of almost up to 10 GB.

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TP-Link: delves into the world of wireless chargers

TP-Link has decided to enter the wireless recharging sector and for this they have announced the launch of a charger compatible with the Qi standard. It is the model TL-WCS200 and is a mobile charging base compatible with multi-brand terminals with support for fast charging systems requiring up to 10 watts of power. offers a recharging speed 1.4 times faster than a conventional 5-watt charger.


Fastest Charger in the World – Oppo SuperVOOC Charging Explained!!!

Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai Oppo Super VOOC technology ke baare mein aur discuss kiya hai ki yeh kya hai aur kaise kaam karti hai. Oppo ne first time VOOC ko introduce kiya tha 2014 mein apne R5 phone mein aur baad mein recently demonstrate kiya fastest SuperVOOC system ko jise Oppo Find X mein use kiya aur abhi yeh Oppo R17 Pro mein bhi available hai. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko Oppo SuperVOOC charging ke baare mein yeh video pasand aayegi.

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RF Amplifiers – How They Deliver Radio to the World

Signals – whether they’re for radio, TV, cell phones or any other application – are really nothing more than electrical currents. The term RF stands for radio frequency… but is applied in a couple of different ways.

In the technical sense, a radio frequency (RF) signifies rate of oscillation, which occurs anywhere from 3kHz to 300 GHz. For transmitting radio signals though, it isn’t as simple as just having an antenna and minimal equipment.

When radio signals originate, they’re generally very weak electrical currents, especially if it’s from some sort of microphone device like walkie-talkie or radio station system. These original signals are often times too weak for transmission over a long distance. Therefore, to transform this weak signal into something powerful to transmit over an antenna, an RF amplifier is used to boost the signal.

The process for transmitting signals for radio or other applications occurs in several stages in fact. In each of the stages, a signal is modified in some way to produce a desired output. Broadcast signals in fact are a collection of different “signals”, each with its own role in the final output. In the case of radio, this can include speech or music.

The RF amplifier essentially boosts each signal equally to produce a clean, linearly amplified signal which is then transferred to a system with much higher power. An RF amplifier in fact takes distortions in a radio signal and distorts them even further. Therefore, a big job of the amplifier is to ensure the signal is given maximum strength with as little distortion as possible.

Linearity, or the ability to amplify all parts of a signal by the same amount (… to ensure all signals are amplified equally), is the core element of an RF amplifier.

Within the amplification process itself, the triode – or a diode with an attached control grid – is the device primarily responsible for signal enhancement. The attached control grid regulates the electric charge flowing through the diode. By applying small voltage variations, the triode can make significant changes in the strength and behavior of the current.

In radio broadcast, information transmitted through radio frequency takes the form of speech or music and is called “modulation.” Amplitude modulation, or AM radio, is the earliest and simplest form of radio frequency modulation. It’s simple in that there’s essentially only one stage where an amplifier only has to vary the power output of an RF stage by varying the input signal.

Frequency modulation (FM) was developed in the 1930s, and while it produces a much cleaner signal, it’s a bit more complicated than AM.

Today, RF amplifiers are used in a variety of areas, including AM/FM radio, TV, radio towers, walkie-talkies and even in every cell phone and cell phone tower.

It’s safe to say that an RF amplifier constitutes a critical part of transmitting and receiving signals. Without them, radio signals would not be able to travel that far.

Think about it this way – if a DJ is speaking at the radio station and there was no way to boost the strength of the waves carrying his voice, then the only people that will be able to hear what he’s saying are ones standing in the room, or otherwise within hearing distance.


Fastest Charger for Smartphones in World ! Future of Our Chargers ?

Namashkar friends. Aaj ki is video mein maine baat ki hai sabse fast smartphone charger ke bare mein. Aaj tak hum sabhi yehi kehte hai ki one plus ka dash charger sabse fast hota hai. Lekin ek aur company ne dash charger se bhi jyada fast charge karne wala charger bana diya hai.

Dosto is company ka name hai OPPO. OPPO ne Super VOOC charger ke naam se ek naya charger launch kiya hai jo ki aapke smartphone ko world mein sabse fast charge karta hai. Ye Charger aapke smartphone ki 3400mAh ki battery ko 40min mein full charge kar dega. Redmi note 5 pro ki 4000mAH ki battery ko yeh charger 50min me 0 se 100% tak charge kar dega. World fastest smartphone charge the Super VOOC charger ki rating hai 10V/5A ki jo ki 50W ka output deta hai.

OPPO ke Super VOOC charger ke bare mein aur janakari ke liye is video ko dekhte rahiye kiyonki maine VOOC charger ke bare mein full information di hai.

Umeed hai ki aapko meri ye video pasand ayegi.

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