New XTAR D4 Fast Charging Battery Charger Review

Another great charger made by XTAR which is a trusted name in the vaping world.

This is a nicely priced charger with being small in size.

Has all the features you need from protection to fast charging.

Buy it here on Ebay for $22.45 free shipping from China


Xtar SC1 Fast Charging USB Lithium-ion Battery Charger

Xtar SC1 Fast Charging USB Lithium-ion Battery Charger
Main Features
●Powerful 2A speedy fast charge, only need 1.25 hours to charge a 2600mAh battery
●Compatible with most rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
●0V activation function, saving over-discharged batteries
● LCD screen displays battery power and charging status, easy to read
● Universal Micro-USB charging port compatible with all 5V USB power
● Reverse protection / short circuit protection / overcharge protection


XTAR VC2S Dual Battery Charger Review

XTAR VC2S Dual Battery Charger is cool with so many features being a trusted MFG in the vaping industry.

Since this is a 2 bay charger using a USB power cable provided I will keep this baby in the car.

You can buy it here from them here from the US


XTAR VC4 battery charger

XTAR VC4 battery charger unboxing

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XTAR MC2 Charger battery vape – Indonesia

review singkat charger xtar mc2.

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XTAR PB2 Portable 18650 Charger & Power Bank – Mike Vapes

The Revolution of Traditional Charger.
Portable battery charger with power bank function!
Used as a power bank:
• Max 2.1A USB output, fully charge Iphone 7 Plus in 2hrs.
• Protect our environment with replaceable batteries design, control the quality of the cells yourself and DIY the capacity of your mini power bank up to 7000mAh+.
• Battery charge & discharge balancing technology makes all of capacity available for use and increase each cell’s longevity.
• Conversion efficiency up to 92%.
• Hand-held portable charger with magnetic cover design, fast charge your USB devices and all kinds of cell phones anywhere anytime.
Used as a battery charger:
• Max real 2Ax1/1Ax2 charge current, fully charge 1x2500mAh 18650 in 1.5hrs or 2x2500mAh 18650 in 3hrs.
• Equipped with all XTAR unique features like 0V Activation function revives over-discharged batteries, TC/CC/CV three-stage charging maximizes battery lifespan, multi-protections and so on.

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Xtar VC4 Li-ion/Ni-MH battery charger – Cheap and cool

This is the Xtar VC4 Mixed chemistry battery charge, it will charge loads of different sizes of battery and has a really nice display.

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Xtar VC2S Battery Charger: Review

An in depth look at the latest dual bay fully automatic charger from Xtar. This model features and upgraded LCD display, internal resistance testing, and fast 2.0 amp charging for one bay. But is it any good? I find out

Sample supplied via Xtar for unbiased review and testing
Details from the maker:
1: As a Fast Battery Charger – Fully Charge 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion IMR INR ICR from 10440 to 26650 and 1.2V Ni-MH Ni-CD AAA AA A SC C

2. Portable Power Bank Function – Charge USB devices and the batteries at the same time. Micro USB input port available with all 5V USB power

3. Check Your batteries’ authenticity VA LCD screen display charging capacity/real-time charging current/ internal resistance. Insert batteries, automatically identify the battery type and check the authenticity and usage of the battery

Compatible cells: Li-ion 3.6/3.7V 10440,14500,14650,16340,17335,17500,17670,18350,18490,18500,18650,18700,20700,21700,22650,25500,26650,

Anti-reverse Protection
Over-charge Protection
Over-voltage Protection
Over-current Protection
Short-circuit Protection


XTAR WP6 Battery Charger

Small video to answer the question, will the xtar charge 18350 batteries?

Chargers & spacers from here

Magnetic Spacers from here


Xtar VC4 Charger: Review & Test

Xtar VC4 Gearbest –
An in depth look at the popular multi format charger from Xtar the VC4. This charger is USB powered and have an informative display showing the charging voltage of the cells, and mAh charge a cell has taken (which can if it’s discharged give an indication of battery capacity)

How does the Xtar perform and what are the advantages/disadvantages of this particular charger?

Details from the maker:
XTAR VC4 is the combination of our principle to keep making progress and taking the responsibility for the safety and environment protection. The VC4 can recognize/ display/ charge Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries at the same time and it also displays the charging current, battery voltage and charging capacity. The LCD backlight can be off or automatically into low light mode in 2min to save more energy.

Input Power: DC 5.0V 2.1A
0.5A CC Current: 500±50m A
1.0A CC Current: 1000±80m A
Cut-off Voltage:4.20±0.05V
Operation Temperature:0-40℃

Ni-MH batteries charging parameter:
Input Power:DC 5.0V 2.1A
0.5A Pulse Charging Current: 500±50 mA
1.0A Pulse Charging Current: 1000±80 mA
Cut-off Voltage: 1.45±0.1V
Operation Temperature: 0-40℃
Size 149x115x35mm
Weight 210g

Package included:
1x VC4 Charger
1x USB Cable
1x Storage Pouch
1x Manual