NiteCore i4 vs XTAR VC4 teardown. 18650 lithium battery chargers

See the insides of two lithium battery chargers.


Xtar SC1 Portable 2A USB Speedy Charger review.

Welcome to Solar Sunday. This time I am reviewing the Xtar SC1 simple lithium ion charger for 18650 or larger batteries. The testing proved it to be solar compatible.


๐Ÿ”‹ Review of the XTar VC4 Battery Charger Is this the Best AA and AAA Battery Charger on the Market?

The XTar VC4 Battery Charger is the Best Battery Charger I’ve ever used for charging AA and AAA Batteries.
Available from Ebay
๐Ÿ”‹ AU
๐Ÿ”‹ UK
๐Ÿ”‹ US
The XTar VC4 Battery Charger with LED screen with individual readings for each battery, you can see many mah each they take to fill.
This is a good way to keep an eye on bad batteries.


Xtar SV2 Rocket – Our Best 2 Bay Battery Charger



XTAR VC2 PLUS Battery Charger Overview This is the new VC2 PLUS from XTAR. This 2-slot charger can handle just about any battery from the Lithium-ion family (IMR/ICR) in addition to NiMH rechargeable batteries as well. Using a speedometer-like dial, the LCD display will tell you at what percentage of charge the battery is at currently, and display a countdown timer showing how much longer the battery will be charging for. The VC2 uses a CC/CV algorithm to ensure the correct amount of charge is always being supplied to the batteries. It can also revive zero volt batteries. Visit the full review at
Or, make an immediate purchase of the VC2 PLUS by clicking , either THIS link for GearBest; or, THIS one for Amazon;


New XTAR D4 Fast Charging Battery Charger Review

Another great charger made by XTAR which is a trusted name in the vaping world.

This is a nicely priced charger with being small in size.

Has all the features you need from protection to fast charging.

Buy it here on Ebay for $22.45 free shipping from China


Xtar SC1 Fast Charging USB Lithium-ion Battery Charger

Xtar SC1 Fast Charging USB Lithium-ion Battery Charger
Main Features
โ—Powerful 2A speedy fast charge, only need 1.25 hours to charge a 2600mAh battery
โ—Compatible with most rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
โ—0V activation function, saving over-discharged batteries
โ— LCD screen displays battery power and charging status, easy to read
โ— Universal Micro-USB charging port compatible with all 5V USB power
โ— Reverse protection / short circuit protection / overcharge protection


XTAR VC2S Dual Battery Charger Review

XTAR VC2S Dual Battery Charger is cool with so many features being a trusted MFG in the vaping industry.

Since this is a 2 bay charger using a USB power cable provided I will keep this baby in the car.

You can buy it here from them here from the US


XTAR VC4 battery charger

XTAR VC4 battery charger unboxing

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XTAR MC2 Charger battery vape – Indonesia

review singkat charger xtar mc2.

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