Golf Cart Battery Charging Handle "Plug" Types for Club Car, EZGO & Yamaha Golf Carts

Barry at DIY Golf Cart walks us through the most common golf cart battery charger handle “plugs” types found on Club Car, EZGO & Yamaha.

Charger handle types featured in this video:
1: Crowfoot
2: 3 Pin Round
3: SB50
4: Powerwise “D”
5: Powerwise Slotted
6: 3 Pin Triangle
7: Nabson (Yamaha 2 Pin)
8: 3 Pin Leaf

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Install new battery Charger in Yamaha RX100

#legend of Indian road



This is a video of me staring up this quad. The battery is dead so you have to use a battery charger. And this video just shows the quick start up on it. I also have to move fast because if you don’t rev it up and let it sit for around 7 seconds it turns off so thats why im moving quickly.


48 Volt 15 Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger – Yamaha

New 48 Volt Automatic Golf Cart Battery Charger with Status Panel

For Most 48 Volt Systems with a Yamaha Connector Plug


Advanced high frequency switching mode power supply technology
Completley automatic battery charging CC,CV, and floating
LED Screen
Short Circuit, over voltage, over temperature, reverse polarity protection
Automatic Fan Forced Ventalation
100% full load burn in test.
Input Voltage: 110-120v AC
Output Voltage: 48V 15 Amp
Manufacturer: Non-OEM


Bowfishing Champion 3400 Watt Inverter Generator Review

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Video review of our Champion 3400 Watt Inverter Generator that we use on our new G3 Bow/Fish 20 bowfishing boat. This review is for the free t-shirt we are not sponsored by Champion. This Champion generator has plenty of power to run the battery chargers and lights on the boat without every hitting peak throttle. The Eco mode works perfectly adjusting the throttle to the load on the Champion generator. Even on full power it is still quite enough to have a normal conversation next to plus its less then $800 way less then Yamaha or Honda.

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Motorcycle Battery Chargers (Genius G1100)

Comments on Motorcycle trickle and float battery chargers. Also unboxing of my NoCo Genius G1100 Smart Charger.


NOCO XGB12 12000mAh Rugged Battery Pack Unboxing

The Noco XGB12 is a 12000mAh, rubberised, ruggedised, dustproof and weather resistant external USB battery pack with 2 USB charging points and pass through charging capability.

Noco have bunged one my way for me to take a look at how good it is. So here’s a little video of me taking it out of the box and having a little look at what it can do!

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Battery Charging Test

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12 volt charging systems in autos and motorcycles are pretty much the same. In terms of voltages, you will see about 12.8v with the vehicle off and about 14.4v with the vehicle on. Anything above 14.8 can fry your battery and you should look at your regulator or regulator/rectifier. These are the magic numbers when it comes to charging systems.


48 Volt Crow Foot Battery Charger | DPI Golf Cart Chargers

This 48 Volt golf cart battery charger fits EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha models with crow foot charger receptacles. Our Made in the USA battery chargers feature an industry best 2 year manufacturer warranty and charge your golf carts batteries while automatically shutting off after a full charge. You can purchase this battery charger directly off our website:


Scooter Charging System Check : Is It Working?

An easy way to verify that your scooter’s charging system is functional if you’ve been having trouble with the battery being low. Also check out my battery check video to see if your battery is working properly :

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