How to: YouTube Production Studio on Wheels

We build a YouTube Production Studio on Wheels, with everything you need to create high quality content.

–Station Essentials–
Rolling Cart –
Vizio screen –
VESA Mount –
Power Strip –

GoPro Hero 7 Black –
GoPro Battery Chargers –
Canon M50 –
M50 Charger –
Canon 70D –
70D Charger –
Light Kit –
Tripod –

Microphone –
Sound Dampener –
Clamp Mount –
XLR Cable –
Microphone Tripod Boom –
Headphones –

–Tools & Supplies–
Drill –
Self Tapping Screws –
Ryobi Hot Glue Gun –
Hot Glue –
Coat Hooks –


Luminous eco watt charging and change over section first time on YouTube


How To Recondition A Car Battery Youtube Like Warren Buffet * Battery Reconditioning

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☉ Spectroscopy Checks Battery Capacity In 15 Seconds How To Improve.
☉ Charge The Battery Do The Tests Then Add The Battery.
☉ Vehicle Battery Reconditioning Tools Evc-30 Hybrid Vehicle Battery Reconditioning Unit.
☉ Replacement Or Performance The Electrolyte In A Lead Acid Battery.
☉ Battery Chargers Modern Battery Chargers Use Fancy Technology And Sensors.
☉ Weak Or Bad Cell Step 5 Use Battery Load Tester.
☉ Battery Module Modules Are Nickel Metal Hydride Nimh Cells Connected.
☉ People Will Care If Their Battery Is Reconditioned The Point.
☉ Phone Battery When Do We Require Resistors As We Restore.

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How To Recondition A Car Battery Youtube ‘Crank it up Mr. Cathey’: training to be a vehicle mechanic in an period of automation on the nonprofit Excel automobile Institute in Northeast Washington Peter Derry 28 seated left Abdullah Muhammad 39 Jerry Paz 25 and Raymond Riley, 35, take an electrical category with teacher Eddie Cathey, standing. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington publish)Raymond Riley got his first motor vehicle at the dawn of the century. It turned into an historical Volvo. His dad’s buddy was a grasp mechanic and came over to assist revive the turbo station wagon.“He didn’t do any work. He told me what to do. That bought me started turning wrenches,” Riley noted.As a child, Riley cherished the Jetsons and Radio Shack and seemed born to figure things out. however the tragedies and joys of existence drew him from the direction he anticipated. He left technical faculty to look after his father, who become death of melanoma. And he had three eye-catching ladies — a long time 9, 8 and 5 — who obligatory him.So it turned into that he discovered himself, at age 35, back in a Northeast Washington school room on a cool December day, surrounded through a dismantled alternator, a diagram of a fuel pump with busted electrical connections, and eight fellow students getting ready for a examine to certify their expertise as mechanics and aid them find jobs.the area of transportation is facing the greatest uphe
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What to consider in battery management design for smart home?

View battery chargers’ portfolio

This on-demand training introduces the charger design considerations for
smart home devices. It addresses some of the main pain-points for any design
engineer, such as ensuring system’s performance in wide temperature ranges,
extending battery life time and run time, working with  flexible power

Learn more about building automation applications

Download white paper: Extending battery life in smart locks


How to select the right charger for IP camera

View battery chargers’ portfolio

This on-demand training provides practical recommendations to select the
right charger for IP camera. It also addresses solar powered IP cameras. 

Download reference design: Maximum power point tracking algorithm for low-power solar battery charging

View ed equipment reference diagram for IP camera


battery charge part 2 (2017 100% charge)✔

prove this video how to charge few second 100% charge batter ######
Not every phone has the same battery capacity, or even the same charging technology, so it stands toreason some will top off faster than others. There are also third-party chargers available, if you need a spare or replacement, but do they perform the same? We’ve been charging up a series of phones, using the standard chargers and pitting them against the Aukey Quick Charger, to bring you the ultimate guide to the fastest charging smartphones.
The newest OnePlus smartphone is currently sitting near the top of the charts. The standard Dash charger and supplied USB Type-C cable took the battery from 2 percent to 100 percent in 1 hourand 14 minutes.Like Oppo’s VOOC system, the OnePlus 3 didn’t heat up drastically, and only during the first 10 percent was the body noticeably warmer than before. This may not be a coincidence, because Oppo has strong ties to OnePlus, and the Dash charger may be closely related. OnePlus hasn’t incorporated fast charging into any of its phones before.The OnePlus 3 has a 3,000mAh battery, and therefore compares very favorably to the F1 Plus’ recharge time. Again, to see such a fast charge time, you’ll need to use the OnePlus Dash charge
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##part 1##


Battery chargers for smart home applications – introduction and market trend

Learn more about TI’s charger portfolio

Introduces battery chargers for smart home applications: the market trend,
design considerations and deep dive into IP cameras, smart speakers and
vacuum robots


Linear battery charger introduction

Get started with your linear design using bq25150 EVM today

Learn how a linear charger works, and where to use one


Battery Charger For Gopro

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Gopro Hero 5 Battery Intelligent Protection Charger !

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Golisi S6 Charger (Review)

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Input voltage: DC 12V /3A
Idling Output Voltage: 5V

Output current:
Li-ion batteries– 2A x 3pcs on “2A” slots , 1A x 4~6pcs
Ni-mh/ Ni-cd batteries– 0.5A/pc

Safety Protections: Short Circuit Protection; Over-Current Protection; Reverse Connection Protection

Case Material: fire proof ABS, PC
Working Temperature : 0-40 Celsius

Screen Display and Operation:

Connecting to Power Supply, without batteries, S6 screen displays “null” showing no batteries being loaded

Charging Status and Screen Display: loading batteries, the screen will display channel / battery type / battery voltage / charging current / capacity rates. “%” flashes mean the device is charging, “%” increases until 100% which means batteries are fully charged, S6 cease charging the battery.

Button Operation: A soft tap on the button will show you related information including batteries voltage / capacity / charging time

Click the button for 3 seconds, LCD will be constantly bright. Another 3-second click will switch it to dark.